Audit Tools

Auditing with the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene tool

HHC auditing is the established outcome measure for assessing the effectiveness of a hand hygiene program within the National Hand Hygiene Initiative. HHC is a valid and reliable measure within the acute care sector, in both public and private hospitals throughout Australia.
Generally, the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene audit tool is ideally suited to facilities that have the greatest staff/patient activity and interaction. This results in higher numbers of ‘Moments’ being audited in shorter time periods.
Auditing facilities where there is little staff/patient activity and interaction will result in a small number of moments being observed (i.e. non-acute, primary care, mental health settings) and resources required to undertake auditing may be better utilised measuring other aspects of a hand hygiene program (e.g product placement and availability surveys, education etc).
Currently HHA do not recommend routine HHC auditing with the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene audit tool as an outcome measure in the non-acute, primary care or mental health setting.
All facilities should be aware of their jurisdictional requirements when planning measurements of their hand hygiene program. A number of assessment tools are available below which can be used or modified as desired.
HHC audits should only be undertaken by HHA trained and validated HHC auditors.

Annual Auditor Validation

All auditors need to complete annual validation (see Annual Auditor Validation) Revised July 2017

Hand Hygiene Compliance Audit Tools


Audit Form (pdf)

reviewed June 2011

Coding Sheet (pdf)

reviewed May 2017

Summary Sheet (pdf)

reviewed June 2011

The Rules (pdf)

new file Sept 2013


Coding Sheet - Word version
for local adaptation as required
(eg. local HCW codes)
Added November 2015


Audit Sheet - Local Adaptations

Audit form with HCW codes


Audit Guidelines

Day Hospital Data Collection Requirements  (added Oct 2012)    

Blood Collection (added August 2011)    

 Phlebotomist Video

Dialysis (added Oct 2012)    


Emergency Department Self-Assessment Framework

ED SAF (added Nov 2017)    


Additional Audit Tools 

These tools are for internal use only, HHA does not require this information.

Hand Rub / Moisturiser Audit (HHA)
reviewed June 2011

Practical Technique Audit - Courtesy of WA NMAHS

reviewed June 2011

Community Hand Hygiene Audit (HHA)
reviewed June 2011


Environmental Audit - Courtesy of WA NMAHS

reviewed June 2011

 Facility Product Audit (HHA)
reviewed June 2011


 Hand Hygiene Survey - Courtesy of WA NMAHS

reviewed June 2011

Practical HH Competency Audit (HHA)
reviewed June 2011


 Alcohol Hand Rub Accessibility Audit
Courtesy of Dr Craig Boutlis,
Wollongong Hospital, SESIAHS
reviewed June 2011

Client Survey (HHA)
added August 2011

HCW Survey (HHA)
added August 2011

Patient Client Participation Questionnaire (HHA)
added August 2011


OLD Compliance Database

The MS Access database has been replaced by the online Hand Hygiene Compliance Application.  Contact your Jurisdictional Hand Hygiene Coordinator for more details

HHA Database (open zip file and extract/copy database file to your system)

OLD HHA Database Instructions for Use
reviewed June 2011


Data Entry and SAB Data Requirements ppt (OLD Version)