May 2011 
 Hand hygiene compliance data submission
Audit period 2 data submission date is rapidly approaching (see dates below). HHA recommend a six week duration in order to collect the required moments necessary: 
  Period 2 – 30th June, 2011
 Period 3 – 31st October, 2011
5th May WHO World Hand Hygiene Day – ITS NOT TOO LATE!!! (closes 15th June)
As part of the 5th May campaign this year, the World Health Organisation are inviting all healthcare facilities to participate in their Global Survey Project by completing  the WHO online Self Assessment Framework tool. The main objective of the Global Survey Project is to gather a global picture of progress regarding hand hygiene and to estimate how much the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global campaign promotes actions taken by healthcare facilities. Some of you may have already completed a modified version of this survey, but we would invite you to complete this global version to assist WHO. By submitting the data in this survey, you will be able to automatically calculate your score and will contribute to the global survey. Please follow this link to access Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework .
Online Learning Package (OLP)
The OLP for ‘Allied Health’ is now live along with the standard, medical, nursing & auditor OLP’s and can be accessed by the following link http://www.hha.org.au/LearningPackage/olp-home.aspx. We are also working on a non-clinical OLP and are working on enhancements for the OLP that will indicate the exact question that is incorrect whilst conducting the OLP, which is not currently a feature.
HHCApp Popularity
Due to it’s popularity HHCApp has been running slightly slow due to the sheer volume of users. This will hopefully be resolved in the very near future so please bear with us whilst we rectify this issue.
HHCApp Mobile
As a reminder HHCApp mobile is available and can be accessed through the internet using any mobile device ( i.e. mobile phone, iPod touch, iPad, computer tablet) that has a HTML 5 compliant browser, which is nearly all of the latest browsers including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8.  You can try it out by browsing to www.hha.org.au/hhmobile/ on your mobile device.  Instructions are available on our website at http://www.hha.org.au/HHComplianceSystem.aspx. If you would like more information on any of the above mobile devices please contact Kel Heard by email: Kelvin.Heard@austin.org.au
HHCApp Reports
As a further reminder all Organisational Administrators have the ability to generate reports of hand hygiene compliance for any time period or audit period where data has been submitted. You can create reports for the whole organisation or use a variety of filters to create reports on professional groups or individual wards/units within your organisation. The primary aim of these reports is provide the ability to feedback this data to your organisations staff which has been demonstrated, when part of a multi-modal strategy, to significantly improve hand hygiene compliance. For further instructions for using HHCApp please follow this link: http://www.hha.org.au/UserFiles/file/HHCApp/HHCApp_InstructionsForOrganisation
Sally Havers Returns
We are pleased to announce that Sally Havers has now rejoined the HHA team in a part time capacity and will be the HHA representative for Queensland, both Public & Private Sectors. She will be located at University of Queensland and her contact details are email: sally.havers@austin.org.au & mob: 0466 153 479.
Resources for Community
A new pamphlet has been produce by HHA aimed at Child Care/ Pre-school environments and can be downloaded by following this link: http://www.hha.org.au/UserFiles/file/Brochures/ChildrenBrochure2011-05-09.pdf
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