Jan 2014 
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Data Submission Dates
Period one 2014 data is due to be submitted by 31st March 2014.
Remember any data submitted after this date will not be accepted into HHCApp.
Dates for 2014:
31st March
30th June
31st October
Period  3 2013 National Data is now available on the HHA website HERE
Reminders for HHCApp Users

Submit your data once you have finished collecting data each audit period
After all the data for your organisation has been entered for a national audit period please press the “submit” button to indicate to your Jurisdictional Coordinator (JC) that you have completed your data collection. This allows the JCs to start the data validation process, and allows for earlier dissemination of the national results. It also closes the audit so that data for the next audit period doesn’t accidently get added to the previous audit. Please see these instructions on how to locate the submit button: http://www.hha.org.au/UserFiles/file/HHCApp/NewHHCApp-SubmittngAnAudit.pdf
View your Auditor Reports
Make sure you review your “Auditor Reports” on a regular basis. This provides you with information such as which auditors in your organisation have submitted data, how many sessions and moments they have audited, and the compliance rate from the data they have collected. If the compliance rate for some auditors is especially high or low compared with the average for your facility, this report may also indicate where further auditor education needs to be focussed. An ideal time to review these reports is at the end of each audit period.
Following on from this, remember also that all auditors, to remain current, are required  to complete the online auditor assessment, and  submit at least 100 moments per year. The “Auditor Reports” is a good way to check the number of moments audited.
A Personalised HHCApp
Please remember that you are able to personalise the HCW codes within HHCApp to suit your facility. For example:
·         If you wish to change the name of Domestic to Housekeeping for your reports
·         If you want to separate out any HCWs –eg. Report on Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy rates instead of just AH, or Medical Dr, Surgical Dr, Anaesthetist instead of just DR.
Please see these instructions to assist you: http://www.hha.org.au/UserFiles/file/HHCApp/NewHHCApp-AddHCWTypes.pdf 
Mobile device users
Please ensure that you log out from the HHCApp system after each session on the wards. By logging out each time there are less likely to be problems with password changes or data going into the wrong audit.
Please note that simply closing the internet browser does not log you out. You actually need to press the logout button which can be found on the Sessions page in the top right hand corner.
Data Validation

Every data period your Jurisdictional Coordinator reviews all of the data submitted. This includes reviewing whether auditors have completed the annual auditor OLP and if the correct amount of data has been submitted.
Tips for reviewing your data:
·         Review the recommended number of moments to submit via the national data page of our website, then selecting the tab for either hospital, day hospital or dialysis
·         Run your HHC by department report
·         Run your combined HHC by HCW and Moment report
·         Run your Auditor and Sessions report
Are there any significant differences from last audit period?
Are there any areas with exceptionally high/low compliance?
Your results can now direct you to where your education should be targeted for the next audit period – perhaps a particular ward, or HCW type or even an auditor may need further education.
If you have any concerns or queries about your data please don’t hesitate to speak with your Jurisdictional Coordinator who can help you with your own review process.
HCW Specific Presentations
At HHA we occasionally receive requests for hand hygiene presentations that are specifically geared towards a particular healthcare worker group. If there are any facilities that have produced these resources and are willing to share with your colleagues, we would be happy to make them available on the HHA website, with full acknowledgment of course. Please feel free to send them in.
5th of the 5th – World Hand Hygiene Day
Keep up to date with the latest information as a part of the WHO annual campaign by accessing the WHO website http://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/en/
The WHO are particularly keen for Australian healthcare workers to register their healthcare facility as participating in the global hand hygiene program. Any healthcare worker can register their own facility by signing up via this link http://www.who.int/gpsc/5may/register/en/index.html By registering, WHO can monitor the number of healthcare facilities around the world participating in a Hand Hygiene program and can then ensure you receive regular emails about Hand hygiene around the world.
As a part of the 5th of the 5th activities the WHO are promoting the use of HHA’s HHC data entry system HHCApp. People from many countries around the world are already registering their interest to trial an international version of HHCApp as a part of their 5th of the 5th activities.
Hand Hygiene Articles in Press
There are many hand hygiene articles that get published around the world, and sometimes it is hard to keep track of new evidence. If you come across any articles that you wish to share with the hand hygiene community please send in the reference to hha@austin.org.au and we will share them in the next edition of the e-bulletin.
Here is one journal that had a large number of interesting hand hygiene articles published in the one issue:
American Journal of Infection Control: November- 2013 (Volume 41, Issue 11)
Staff Changes at HHA

Many of you will be aware that Kel Heard recently left to take up an external position. Kel was known to many of you through the many educational workshops he conducted and through his main role as Database Manager and IT Support. Kel was an inaugural member of HHA, and his contribution has been a significant factor in the successful implementation of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative. We wish Kel all the best in his new endeavours.
We welcome Karen Olsen into the central HHA Office who will be working full time in the role of project coordinator.
Karen’s background in nursing, research and infection control places her well for this role.
Much of Kels previous IT role will now be shared between Kate Ryan, Sally Havers and Karen Olsen.
In December 2013, I will be leaving the role of National Program Manager. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and extraordinary hard work in the implementation of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative. The challenge to improve the safety and quality patient care is never over!
Dr Andrew Stewardson has been appointed into the role of National Program Manager and will commence work in February 2014. Andrew is an ID Physician from Melbourne who has been working in Geneva with Didier Pittet and Stephan Harbath at the University of Geneva Hospital in the past few years. We welcome Andrew in his new role and look forward to an exciting 2014.
And finally thanks to the HHA team for their dedication, hard work and support.
– Phil.

New Documents for 2014

Blood Collection Guidelines
The current version of the blood collection guidelines is under review and in the consultation phase at present. HHA will be updating the current versions on the website in the coming months.
If you have any comments regarding changes to this document please forward your comments/enquiry to hha@austin.org.au
Hand Hygiene for Dental facilities
In 2014 HHA are planning on putting together some resources specifically for HH in Dental facilities. If you currently run a hand hygiene program in a dental facility and wish to provide some insights into documents required for dental please forward your comments to Sally Havers:  sally.havers@austin.org.au
Renal/Dialysis Online Learning Package
HHA are currently putting together another OLP aimed specifically at the renal/dialysis setting. If you have any comments regarding this please forward your comments to Kate Ryan: kate.ryan@austin.org.au
Workshop Resources Webpage – One Stop Shop for all the resources you need to train your own auditors
This page is only visible on the left hand menu of the website once an auditor has logged on to the website (not logged in to HHCApp), and is the home of all the materials required for GSAs to train their own auditors. If you train auditors please ensure that you look at this site and download the relevant materials each time you run a training session so that you are always working from the most up to date schedules and presentations.
Workshops 2014

HHA are keen to be guided by your needs when selecting dates for 2014 GSA training workshops.
If you know of staff who would like to attend please ask them to register their interest via the Workshop Online Bookings form:
There are already a number of workshops in each state available to register for.

·         It is vital that the Gold Standard auditors training up new auditors ensure that all participants score >90% in the two assessments before they can submit data. Please refer to the GSA workshop successful participant flow chart
·         Also a reminder that it is the responsibility of the Organisational Administrator for HHCApp to ensure that all auditors submitting data have undertaken their annual auditor validation (i.e. collected at least 100 moments and done the Auditor OLP) before they collect the data.