What are HHA Hand Hygiene Workshops?

HHA Hand Hygiene Workshops are designed to teach participants how to audit Hand Hygiene Compliance using the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene audit tool.

The Workshops also provide education to participants on implementing a Hand Hygiene program at a healthcare facility, and Hand Hygiene education for healthcare workers.  

Who should Attend a Workshop?

Careful thought and planning needs to be put into choosing the right person to attend a workshop.  They will usually become the person who conducts the HHC audits. The appropriate person will vary between facilities. Points to consider include:

  • Have a background as a clinical health professional
  • Availability to attend HHA Auditor training
  • Have time available to conduct audits
  • Have a good understanding of auditing/feedback/education processes
  • Acknowledge and understand safety and privacy concerns of patients and staff
  • Have the ability to provide immediate feedback to staff for good hand hygiene practices, and correct unacceptable performance
  • Auditors from a variety of health professions could promote widespread acceptance/ownership/participation in activities to improve hand hygiene within their area.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Gold Standard Auditors pdf (reviewed June 2011)

Workshop Online Booking Form


Upcoming Workshop Dates 2016:

ACT: 29th Feb - 1st March - limited spaces available

NSW Private Organisations:

  • 16-17th May
  • 22-23 August

NT: TBA for 2016


  • 3-4th May
  • 6-7th September

SA Private Organisations:

  • 21-22nd March

TAS: 18-19th April - currently full - please apply on waitlist if you wish to attend


  • Private Organisations 6-7th June
  • Public Organisations 11-12th August


  • 13-14th April - Perth
  • 27-28th July - Broome
  • 24-25th August - Perth
  • 19 - 20 September - Private Organisations - Perth
  • 9-10th November - Bunbury