Advisory Committee

The Hand Hygiene Advisory Committee will:

  • Be the major liaison body between the HHA team and the jurisdictions and the private sector hospitals
  • Provide advice on strategy options for the project
  • Provide implementation guidance with jurisdictions, the private sector, Aged Care sector, and with consumers
  • Provide advice on the implementation of a public HH campaign
  • Make recommendations to the Commission on short term and long term implementation strategies of the project




Marilyn Cruickshank (Chair)

Program Manager, HAI, ACSQHC

Sue Greig

Senior Project Officer, HAI, ACSQHC

Belinda Yates

ACT Health

Wendy Beckingham

ACSQHC Implementation Advisory Committee

Christine Gee

Chair ACSQHC Private Hospital Sector Committee

Linda Henderson

South Australia Department of Health

Lucy Cuddihy

Barwon Health, Victoria

Bernadette Lyons

Private Hospitals Sector Representative

Toni McLean

Queensland Department of Health

Rebecca McCann

Western Australia Department of Health Representative

Jenny Stackelroth

ACSQHC Implementation Advisory Committee

Deane Wilks

Northern Territory Department of Health

Fiona Wilson

Tasmania Department of Health

Paul Curtis

Clinical Excellence Commission

Tain Gardiner

Northern Territory Department of Health

Nikki Robinson

Private Hospitals Sector

Clifford Hughes

Medical Officer Representative

Jacqui Bear

ACT Health

Jenny Firman 

Australian Government Department of Health

Lindsay Grayson

Project Team Director

Andrew Stewardson

National Program Manager