Moment 3 - After a Procedure or Body Fluid Exposure Risk

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To protect yourself and the healthcare surroundings from harmful patient germs


After any Moment 2

See Moment 2

After any potential body fluid exposure

Contact with a used urinary bottle / bedpan, Contact with sputum either directly or indirectly via a cup or tissue, Contact with used specimen jars / pathology samples, Cleaning dentures, Cleaning spills of urine, faeces or vomit from patient surroundings, After touching the outside of a drain

 Contact with any of the following:

Blood, Saliva, Mucous, Semen, Tears, Wax, Breast milk, Colostrum Urine, Faeces, Vomitus, Pleural fluid, Cerebrospinal fluid, Ascites fluid, Organic body samples eg. Biopsy samples, Cell samples, Lochia, Meconium, Pus, Bone Marrow, Bile.


TO PREVENT: Infection in HCWs and / or cross colonisation of the healthcare environment and HCWs

After touching a patient the HCW has the patient’s micro-organisms on their hands; these micro-organisms can be passed on to whatever the HCW is in contact with next.