Student Health Practitioner Modules

The Student hand hygine education modules have been merged into one package and have been moved.

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All learners will now need to complete a registration process to access the HHA e-learning modules.

By registering you will be given a login so that you can return and access your certificate anytime. You will now also be able to start an e-learning module and save your progress to return and finish at another time.

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Resources for Use with the Modules

Glossary of Terms

PDF Versions of each Module

The PDF's contain the information pages of each module to enable further reading and reflection, without the need to complete the training modules again. They do not contain the questions or answers to the various quizzes. You will need to complete the online training modules in order to achieve the certificate of completion.

Module 1

Module 2


Links to Videos presented in Modules for further viewing:  

Glen's Story

How Hospital Associated Infections Can Impact on a Person's Life and Family

Produced by The Victorian Infection Control Professionals Association (VICPA)

The Patient's Experience

For Health Educators

Student Hand Hygiene Program Implementation Checklist