Data Validation

Data validation must be completed by hand hygiene leadsbefore final submission of data to the NHHI.

While an audit is “active” in HHCApp, changes can be made to data if errors are found. Once and audit is submitted and the status in HHCApp is “pending approval”, then changes can only be made after discussion with your jurisdictional coordinator, or HHA.

Final submission of data by the hand hygiene lead provides confirmation to HHA that the data has been reviewed and accepted by the organisation.

Please review the Hand Hygiene Australia Manual Chapter 7.6 Data Validation for a detailed guide on how to conduct validation of your data.

In summary, hand hygiene leads should review:

  • Correct number of moments for the organisation
  • Correct number of moments for each eligible department
  • Data collected by currently validated Gold Standard or General Auditors only
  • Auditor hand hygiene compliance appropriate for area audited
  • Observations conducted in clinical settings
  • Moments observed appropriate for HCW type

All data outliers should be investigated by the hand hygiene lead.