Day Hospitals


To ensure the collection of representative hand hygiene compliance data collected as part of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative from freestanding day hospitals the following guidelines are recommended.

Day Hospital Size:

Peer Group Definition
Large Stand alone facility performing >5,000 procedures per annum
Medium Stand alone facility performing 2,000 -5,000 procedures per annum
Small Stand alone facility performing <2,000 procedures per annum
*adapted from the Australian Hospital Peer Groupings, AIHW 2008


Target Number of Moments for Day Hospitals:

Day Hospital size Required number of HH audits per year Required number of HH observations per facility each audit
Large 3 350
Medium 3 200
Small 3 100



  • Facility Hand Hygiene Project Coordinator to determine facility size, according to peer grouping guidelines above.
  • Target number of moments to be collected as per table above, dependant on facility size.
  • Collection of target number of moments will be comparable to hospitals of the same peer grouping collecting data in their Day Procedure Unit.
  • Compliance data to be collected & submitted as per Hand Hygiene Australia manual.