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April 2011

hha1 Hand hygiene compliance data submission

Thank you for those organisations that submitted data for audit period 1, 2011. This has proved to be the largest audit submission to date. Period 2 & 3 data submission dates are:

hha1 Period 2 – 30th June, 2011

hha1 Period 3 – 31st October, 2011

hha1 5th May WHO World Hand Hygiene Day

As part of the 5th May campaign this year, the World Health Organisation are inviting all healthcare facilities to participate in their Global Survey Project by completing the WHO online Self Assessment Framework tool. The main objective of the Global Survey Project is to gather a global picture of progress regarding hand hygiene and to estimate how much the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global campaign promotes actions taken by healthcare facilities. Some of you may have already completed a modified version of this survey, but we would invite you to complete this global version to assist WHO. By submitting the data in this survey, you will be able to automatically calculate your score and will contribute to the global survey. Please follow this link to access.

hha1 Online Learning Package (OLP)

The OLP for ‘Allied Health’ will be available very soon alongside the standard, medical, nursing & auditor OLP’s. We are currently looking at enhancements for the OLP that will indicate of the exact question that is incorrect whilst conducting the OLP, which is not currently a feature.

hha1 Auditor training

HHA have received inquiries as to the how long general auditor training should take. Experience shows that at least 8 hours of training is required, so HHA recommends that GSAs provide 8 hours of training prior to assessment. This training can be broken down and delivered in smaller sessions and over a period of time, whichever format suits as suitable for your organisation. A detailed guide for Gold Standard Auditors on how to train is available Full guidance for locally trained auditors is provide in the document ‘Auditor Training – Educator’s Package’ to access follow this link: To access, follow this link:  How To Train Auditors 2011 04 13

hha1 HHCApp enhancements

HHCApp mobile is proving to be popular with the people who are using it. It’s been great to hear that some organisations have managed to convince their Executive of the benefit of direct data entry with a few shiny new iPads becoming part of people’s toolkits. Keep in mind though that the application works through the internet browser of your device and any device that has a HTML 5 compliant browser, which is nearly all of the latest browsers including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, can be used. You can try it out by browsing to HHCApp Moblie on your mobile device. Instructions are available on our website at HHCA. If you would like more information on any of the above mobile devices please contact Kel Heard by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

hha1 Sally Havers, HHA Project Coordinator – Private Sector

Sally has now left the team and taken up a role in a large Private Healthcare organisation in Brisbane. We would like to thank Sally for her hard work, commitment and many achievements in her joint coordination of the private sector roll-out of the NHHI over the last two years. Please direct any contact with regards to the private sector involvement to Paul Simpson eitherby email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel (03) 9496 6715 or mob 0466 655 015.

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hha1 Articles of interest

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