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August 2011

Audit Period Two 2011

hha1564 Organisations submitted data to this latest audit period
hha1National Compliance results now available for period two 2011, to view click here.

Data Submission Dates

HHA recommend a six week duration to enable adequate time to collect the required moments for an audit period. Don’t leave it to the last minute, plan for the unexpected. Data submission dates:hha1Period Three 2011 – 31st October, 2011
hha1Period One 2012 – 30th March, 2012

Data Collection & Gloves

Auditors are reminded that if no gloves are witnessed this box should be left blank and not recorded as gloves ‘off’. Gloves off should only be recorded when removal of gloves is witnessed following a moment 3, 4 or 5. Conversely, gloves should only be recorded as on in a Moment 1 or 2. When you input data on HHCApp ‘N/A’ should be selected if the box for gloves is blank on the data collection form.


Gold Standard Auditor training workshops can be conducted for free at you hospital. This will provide your organisation and possibly other local organisations the opportunity to train in the 5 Moments for Hand hygiene auditing techniques. If you believe your organisation may be willing to host a workshop please contact your local state or private sector coordinator, for contact details click here.

Upcoming Workshops

hha125-26th Aug – ACT (Canberra) National Capital Private Hospital
hha18-9th Sept – NT (Darwin) Royal Darwin Hospital hha128-29th Sept – VIC (Melbourne) The Valley Private HospitalTo book a place on any of the above workshops click here.hha129-30th Aug – VIC (Melbourne) Box Hill Hospital.
To book for this workshop contact Jenny Bradford by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 9342 3901.

Online Learning Package(OLP)

HHA have recently developed an OLP for non-clinical workers to add to the suite of current OLPs that include Standard, Medical, Nursing/Midwifery & Allied Health. To view the OLPs currently available click here.

Auditor Register

The HHA auditor registry currently contains over 400 registered hand hygiene auditors. If you are a Gold Standard Auditor and you conduct auditor training HHA require you to complete an online registry with the auditors details upon completion of training. To view the online register
click here. The annual auditor validation OLP has now been in existence for 6 months and this is an annual requirement for all auditors. To view the annual auditor validation OLP.

HHCApp Mobile

HHCApp Mobile enables you to conduct audits by using mobile devices that can browse the web such as smart phones, iPod touch, iPad & computer tablets. In your mobile device go to the following web address HHCApp Mobile & type in your auditor username & password. Full instructions are available on our website. If you would like more information or advice please contact Kel Heard by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Workshops Resources

If your are a Gold Standard Auditor and planning to conduct your own auditor training there are some new workshop resources available which include:  hha1GSA workshop follow up requirements
A second follow up quiz ‘Comprehensive hha1Quiz Two’   To view these resources and all other workshop resources click here.

5th International Congress of APSIC

This International Congress of APSIC is held biannually. This year Australia is hosting this prestigious event from the 8th until 11th Nov at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Hand hygiene will play a prominent part with a keynote speaker debate on Multimodal Hand Hygiene chaired by Prof Didier Pittet (WHO).  For more details follow this link.

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