E-Bulletin March 2015


Hand Hygiene Promotion in Australia - Success at the Front Line

Professor Chris Baggoley AO, Chief Medical Officer opened the November workshop in Adelaide. The program featured some very interesting presentations from a variety of facilities around the country. It was great to hear about the different ways that the HHA program has been implemented and how various challenges have been overcome.

If you missed out on the workshop, you can now view the presentations on the HHA website by following the link below. 

Click here for more details. 

5th of May - World Hand Hygiene Day

Keep up to date with the latest information as a part of the WHO annual campaign by accessing the WHO website

2015 marks 10 years of the WHO Safer Care programme. Click the link to access the
5 May 2015 WHO Call to Action 

HHCApp Upgrades 

HHCApp tidy-up - phase 1

Thanks to everyone for your assistance in our tidy-up of HHCApp. Auditor lists have been updated, most generic logins have been deleted and most departments listed as ‘Other’ have been changed into more appropriate categories.

HHCApp tidy-up - phase 2

Adding addresses to the details page. Can Organisation Administrators please go to the details page of their facilities and add in address details for the facility.

HHCApp tidy up - phase 3

Following feedback, new ward types have been added to HHCApp. Can Organisation Administrators please review their departments and change any that are better suited to the new ones (see list below).

New Ward types

  • Acute Aged Care
  • Long-term Care
  • Palliative
  • Peri-operative
  • Radiology

Definitions have also been reviewed. ‘Surgical’ now excludes ‘theatre’ and ‘recovery’ as these are now included in ‘Peri-operative’. ‘Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’ is now ‘Neonatal Care’. This includes Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Special Care Nursery.

See Appendix 1 for definitions at the bottom of the link HERE 

Adding a new National Audit?

A new National Audit will automatically be added to organisations that submitted data in the previous national audit period. Only organisations that are new or did not submit data need to ‘Add Audit +’.

A new pop up box will appear if you try to add a National Audit Period if one already exists, advising that you should go to the sessions tab if you are trying to enter data.

Mobile device users

Changes to the mobile app. iPad users will see that the auditing page is now larger and expands to fill the size of the screen. You may also have noticed that when you push the sync button, a spinning wheel turns until the data is uploaded to the database. This is to prevent data syncing more than once.

HHCApp Reminders

Login to HHCApp

If you are having trouble logging in to HHCApp, please check that you are logging in at the right spot.

Please note that the HHA webpage has 2 different data logins. One is for HHCApp, the other is for Workshop Resources and Online Learning Package reports. Username and passwords are not interchangeable. If you are trying to login to HHCApp to enter auditing data, please go to the home page and then to the blue tabs down the left hand side of the page. Click on the tab that says Hand Hygiene Compliance Application – HHCApp.

Compliance Meters - the red and green dial guages

Organisation Administrators and NUMs have compliance meters on their HHCApp dashboard. They display a "live" rate which is derived from the moments that have been entered into the current national data period and will therefore change as more data is submitted. As soon as the audit period changes, the compliance meters reset to zero. This means that you cannot go back to a previous audit period. If you wish to create reports for a previous audit period, please use the links below the Compliance Meters.

Adding a Local Audit

Please note that creating your very first local audit for your facility is a two-step process. First you need to create an audit period then you need to add an audit to that audit period.

For most facilities it is appropriate to create one local audit period for each year e.g. Local audit 2015, then to add audits with specific names to that audit throughout the year e.g. Medical spot audit

Click the document for further assistance.

NEW HHCAPP Add Local Audit

Please note that if you are creating an audit period for a future date, you will not be able to add an audit to it until the first day of the audit period.

HHCApp Top Tips

Adding the App to your home page (Apple device).

Go to the mobile login site. HHCApp Mobile Click on the share button. On an iPhone it is a box with an arrow, then add to home screen, name your app Hand Hygiene, then Add.

Sync after every session when using a mobile device

It is important to sync after every session when collecting data on a mobile device. If there are any connectivity issues or dodgy networks, syncing regularly will mean the sync happens a lot faster and if something goes wrong, only one session will be affected.

Submit your data once you have finished collecting data each audit period

After all the data for your organisation has been entered for a national audit period please press the "submit" button to indicate to your Jurisdictional Coordinator (JC) that you have completed your data collection. Your audit will then have the status “Pending Approval”.

This allows the JCs to start the data validation process, and allows for earlier dissemination of the national results. It also closes the audit so that data for the next audit period doesn’t accidently get added to the previous audit.

Please see these instructions on how to locate the submit button. 

NEW HHCApp Submitting an Audit

Hand hygiene auditing in areas other than acute-care hospitals

We receive queries from non-acute settings regarding submission of hand hygiene data. Please review the HHA manual Section 1.7. 'Currently HHA do not recommend the routine HHC auditing as an outcome measure in the non-acute, primary care, or mental health setting. HHA recommend the use of other evaluation tools within these areas.

Please see the document for the manual,  Cannot find the download. ID=138 and for 'Additional Audit Tool' please click HERE 

However, we also recognise that some non-acute institutions may elect to perform hand hygiene audits on the basis of a local risk assessment or following direction from their jurisdiction or organisation.

NSW Hand Hygiene Coordinator

We warmly welcome Iain Crawford who is the new NSW HH coordinator. Iain is a GSA and has a background in Intensive Care. Iain has been in the role for some months now and is actively involved in running GSA workshops and developing some exciting new initiatives.

WA Hand Hygiene Coordinator

Sadly our WA HH coordinator Natasha Nunes resigned from her position and left late last October. HHA would like to thank Natasha for her great collaboration. We warmly welcome Louise Mason to the role. Louise is already out and about running workshops amongst other activities.