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November, 2010

hha1 Welcome to the second edition of the quarterly HHA e-bulletin

National hand hygiene data for period 2 (2010) is now available follow the link.

hha1 Hand hygiene compliance audit periods

The final date for audit period 3 data submission: 12th November, 2010
 Future audit period submission dates:
18th March, 2011
1st July, 2011
4th November, 2011

hha1HHCApp Enhancements

Still no hiccup with HHCApp! From the feedback received we have made the following enhancements:
hha1Once logged in you can access the HHCApp administration page directly from the link on the login page
hha1Manage Auditors page - Auditors who are no longer are auditing can now be made inactive.  Only active auditors will appear in the list on the data entry page.
hha1Manage Sessions page - Can now search for previously entered sessions based on a number of criteria.  This functionality can be used to track the progress of your audits as it also calculates the total moments for the returned results.
hha1The issue of the extra blank pages in the reports is currently being worked on and hopefully will be resolved very soon.

hha1 Gold Standard Auditor Forums

HHA have organised a number of Gold Standard Auditor (GSA) Forums to provide an update of National Hand Hygiene Initiative. Executive members from your facility are also invited to attend the national & local update at the start of the forum and running for approximately 50 mins. Each forum will run for approximately 4.5 hours and the venues and dates are:
hha1VIC: Benalla (Raffety's Reception Centre) - 1000-1430 Wed 10th November 2010
hha1QLD: Brisbane (Mater Health Services) - 1030-1500 Wed 8th December 2010
hha1NT:  Darwin (Royal Darwin Hospital) - 1300-1700 25th October 2010
hha1TAS: Launceston (Launceston Aquatic) - 1000-1430 4th November 2010
hha1TAS: Hobart (Repatriation Centre) - 1000-1430 5th November 2010
hha1ACT: Canberra (Lvl 3, 1 Moore St)  - 1100-1530 8th November 2010
hha1SA:  Adelaide (Level 2, Citi Centre Building, Department of Health) - 2nd February 2011
hha1NSW: Tweed Hospital - 18th February 2011
hha1To book your attendance follow this link.

hha1 New Online Learning Packages (OLP) Specific OLP for Medical staff now available with nursing and allied health OLP's to follow by the end of 2010 follow the link:  Here

hha1 New enhanced education DVDEnhancements to the DVD now include a 10 minute presentation explaining the 5 moments using a narrative and there also now two assessment quizzes. To order your copy follow this link.

hha1 New HHA NSW state representative Jennifer Gillott, details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

hha1 5 moment Auditing in Mental Health Facilities

In May 2010 the Mental Health Hand Hygiene Special Interest Group (MH3SIG) was formed to discuss the issues of implementing the HHC auditing within Mental Health settings. The primary outcomes were that auditing with the 5 Moments tool is not the best measure of a HH programs within the Mental Health setting and there is a requirement to develop additional tools to promote hand hygiene in Mental Health. A Generic Hand Hygiene Education in Mental Health PowerPoint Presentation is now available on the HHA website, follow the link. Adapted auditing tools currently used in Mental Health settings in WA are now available via the link: Audit Tools

hha1 Articles of interestYou may be interested to note that the September edition of American Journal of Infection Control is dedicated to hand hygiene. One article reports on the effect of sending non compliant healthcare workers a violation letter. Another article currently in press for AJIC compares handwashing and ABHRs in relation to skin dryness and irritation. It is interesting to note that they found that only 13.9% of HCWs studied used ABHR more frequently than handwashing (authors suggesting reluctance to replace handwashing with ABHR when ABHR would be more appropriate). A major finding was that handwashing is a risk factor for skin dryness and irritation, and this was demonstrated to be dose related (more handwashing equals more dryness & irritation) and the use of ABHRS was actually protective against dryness & irritation (also dose related).   

hha1 Do you have a story/question that you would like to share with others?
Why not email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can include it on the next e-bulletin.