E-Bulletin Oct 2011

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Data Submission Dates

Please see audit period submission dates below:Period Three 2011 – 31st October, 2011
Period One 2012 – 30th March, 2012
As a reminder submissions will not be accepted into HHCApp after midnight on the above dates.

HHCApp Mobile

The mobile data entry web application is continuing to prove popular. HHCApp Mobile enables you to conduct audits by using mobile devices that can browse the web such as smart phones, iPod touch, iPad & computer tablets. In your mobile device go to the following web address HHCApp Mobile & type in your auditor username & password. Full instructions are available on our website.

Updates - HHCApp Mobile

Also as a reminder you must click the “Done” button at the completion of a session.  If you don’t the session information becomes incomplete and that session will not sync requiring you to resort to manually entering the moments. Windows Phone 7 users should have recently received an update to the new Mango operating system for their phone.  This means that you can now use your Windows phone to collect your moments using the updated internet browser.  If you would like more information or advice please contact Kel Heard by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Gold Standard Auditor training workshops can be conducted for free at your hospital. For more information please get in touch your local state or private sector coordinator. For contact details click here.

Gold Standard Auditors Forum

Based on the success from the last round of Gold Standard Auditors Forums, HHA are planning another round of forums in each State & Territory. So keep an eye on the HHA website and future e-bulletins for dates & venues.

Online Learning Package(OLP)

The OLP have now been upgraded with the  added capacity to inform individuals undertaking an OLP which question they got wrong and then reveal the correct answer. This capacity will now hopefully increase the user friendliness of the packages and facilitate a greater educational experience. To view the OLPs currently available click here.

Planned University OLP

HHA are currently in the process of designing an OLP for university students. It will consist of a number of modules, covering topics including: The 5 Moments, Hand Hygiene and the Patient’s perspective, when and how to wash/rub, and complementary HH info including gloves, jewellery etc.If anyone involved in uni student education would like to assist in the design of this package please contact Kate Ryan at HHA via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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