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Guidelines for Data Submission Day Hospitals

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October 2012

Data Submission Dates

Period three 2012 data is due to be submitted by 31st October.

Remember any data submitted after this date will not be accepted into HHCApp.

Dates for 2013:31st March

30th June

31st October

Period 2 2012 National Data is now available on the HHA website HERE

HHA Manual

The HHA manual is currently undergoing a significant review and rewrite. We expect to release the new version 3 as soon as possible. If anyone would like to make a suggestion or comment on the content of the manual please contact Kate Ryan - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Updated HHCApp

Over the past few months HHA have been working with developers on upgrading HHCApp to address issues identified through feedback from users. Almost completed, the upgraded HHCApp will provide a much better experience for all users including a more intuitive interface, increased functionality, the addition of a data entry only user role and an improved reporting process. For organisational, regional and jurisdictional administrators, the management of audits and auditors will be vastly improved. Behind the scenes, HHCApp will become a much more stable and sustainable database.

To gain the maximum benefit of the upgraded HHCApp, access should be via Internet Explorer 8.0 and above, Google Chrome or Firefox. HHA are aware that not all facilities will have these browsers available in which case it will be accessible through Internet Explorer <8 but with slightly reduced enhancements.

It is anticipated that the upgraded HHCApp will become live in early December 2012. We will send out a Special Edition of the eBulletin closer to the date, together with some handy user tips. For all inquiries, please contact Kel via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ph:03 9496 6626

Bed size and moments

In response to feedback regarding concerns over the number of Moments required and recommendations for ward selection, HHA and members of the NHHI Advisory Committee have been exploring a more meaningful way to stratify hospital size and a more streamlined approach toward selection.

As a result of this, commencing for the first data Period in 2013, a new hospital stratification tables will be introduced, and recommendations for ward selections options modified. Details of these are available on the HHA website at (Guidelines for Data Submission Hospitals) In summary, hospital size category 101-200 has been split into two creating two new categories, 101-150 and 151-200. With regards to recommendations for ward selection option, the emphasis has been placed on high risk wards.

It is important to note that each jurisdiction may prefer an alternative option, so check with your jurisdictional representative.

New Documents

Practice and Auditing Guidelines – Dialysis

HHA in collaboration with key stakeholders from dialysis units around the country have developed two new documents to assist with education and auditing hand hygiene practice in dialysis units. The documents can be found on the website at:

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Many thanks to all those who have provided input and feedback on these useful tools.

Workshop Resources Webpage

Recently there have been significant changes to the Workshop Resources page. This page is only visible on the left hand menu of the website once an auditor has logged on to the website, and is the home of all the materials required for GSAs to train their own auditors. If you train auditors please ensure that you look at this site and download the relevant materials each time you run a training session so that you are always working from the most up to date schedules and presentations.

Data Collection Guidelines for Stand Alone Day Hospitals

This document has been added to the website to ensure standardised data collection procedures in stand alone day hospitals:

Day Hospital Data Collection Guidelines

and also available here

Guidelines for Data Submission Day Hospitals


The HHA team are currently planning a workshop schedule for the first half of 2013. If you know of staff who would like to attend please ask them to register their interest via the Workshop Online Bookings form:

Upcoming Workshops

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS)

Commencing at the end of 2012, all applicants for entry into the Surgical Education Training program will be required to complete an online hand hygiene education program developed by HHA as part of the application process. HHA express their gratitude to RACS for their assistance in putting the package together, and look forward to similar package for other Colleges in the future.

Community Health Resources

At the recent ACIPC conference in Sydney HHA noted a number of great Hand Hygiene presentations made by community health staff. HHA are currently in the process of adding some community resources to the website and would appreciate the input of those already educating, promoting and auditing in community health. If you have documents or advice you would like to share with HHA or on the website please send it in to us: Contact Us

Introducing Natasha - Hand Hygiene Coordinator WA

HHA welcome Natasha Nunes as the new Hand Hygiene Coordinator for WA. Natasha has worked in the clinical setting at one of WA’s tertiary hospitals, Sir Charles Gairdner, for the past 10 years. Working primarily in the haemodialysis unit Natasha is very familiar with the WA Hand Hygiene program. Having completed a post graduate certificate in infection control & nephrology, Natasha will be working in the position of hand hygiene coordinator WA part time (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). HHA look forward to working with Natasha and the Office of Safety and Quality in the promotion and education of hand hygiene. Natasha’s contact details are Phone: (08)9222 4170 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It is vital that the Gold Standard auditors training up new auditors ensure that all participants score >90% in the two assessments before they can submit data. Please refer to the GSA workshop successful participant flow chart  GSA Workshop Follow Up Requirements

Also a reminder that it is the responsibility of the Organisational Administrator for HHCApp to ensure that all auditors submitting data have undertaken their annual auditor validation (i.e. collected at least 100 moments and done the Auditor OLP) before they collect the data.

HHA article in Healthcare Infection

Recently published online in Healthcare Infection.

Development of a standardised approach to observing hand hygiene compliance in Australia: Here