E-Bulletin Aug 2017

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National Data Period Two 2017

National data for Audit 2 2017 has now been released - click here to view it

(National data is available on the website after the NHHI Advisory Committee meeting. This occurs approximately 6 weeks from the close of the audit period).

HHA Workshop at the ACIPC Conference

HHA are pleased to announce that we are running our annual Hand Hygiene workshop in conjunction with the ACIPC conference.

Cost : Free of Charge

Room : Bradman Theatre

Date : Sunday 19 November 2017

Time : 1300-1700

Bookings can be made here.

Please note that you do not need to register for the ACIPC conference to be able to attend the HHA workshop.

The timetable will be available on the HHA website here in the near future once talks have been finalised. 

HHA Manual

The HHA manual has had an update. You will find the 2017 version here.

Please review a summary of the changes from the previous version here 

Department Selection

In conjunction with the release of the 2017 HHA manual, HHA have updated the department selection document. These changes have been developed in association with the NHHI advisory committee. Please click here to see the updated recommendations.

We have removed the 2 options and have created a single option. This is to standardise the data collection across all hospitals.

Please note that this is a recommendation, and that HHA ask organisations to start transitioning towards using this option from Audit 1 2018. 

GSA Workshop

Please note that bookings for GSA workshops are available online here. If you are aware of staff requiring these workshops, please book as early as possible to assist with HHA planning dates for 2018. 

HHA Staffing Changes

HHA are pleased to announce the appointment of Sally Havers as HHA Manager.

Many of you will know that Sally has been with HHA since 2009, and thus has extensive knowledge and experience for this role.

Sally has her Masters of Public Health, has worked extensively in the infection control field, including being involved in research programs, and she is currently completing her PhD on  'National health policy implementation - investigating the implementation of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards in Australian hospitals'.

We welcome Sally to this role, which she will job share with Kate Ryan, until mid September when she will take on the role full time. 

Skin Care Module

HHA is pleased to announce the release of the Hand Dermatitis Online Learning Module. The module has been created by the Occupational Dermatology Research & Education Centre, Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc., and funded by Safe Work Australia. This module is available on the HHA Learning Management System here

ED Self assessment framework pilot

In 2016 Emergency Departments (EDs) were identified as a priority area by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care for the improvement of hand hygiene behaviour. The explanation for lower hand hygiene performance in EDs is likely to be multifactorial, but EDs represented a unique setting with distinct environment, staff and patient factors compared with inpatient wards.

In order to better understand these factors an analysis of existing national HH dataset from EDs was undertaken as well as an enhanced auditing project in several Australian EDs. Results suggested a gap analysis tool may assist EDs in identifying and addressing issues in HH performance.

In early 2017 an ED working party was established by HHA in order to develop an ED specific self assessment tool. The Working Party included representation from ACEM, CENA, ACIPC and a number of clinicians from EDs and supporting services (including state ambulance services). A draft version of an ED specific gap analysis tool was subsequently developed by the Working Party, the ED Self Assessment Framework (ED SAF). The ED SAF is based on the World Health Organisation tool but has been adapted to specifically identify ED specific areas for improvement.  To ensure the framework was helpful, useful and appropriate prior to national release, a number of sites across Australia piloted the SAF and then completed a usability survey.

Results from the usability survey showed no modifications were needed and the ED SAF tool was reported by all sites to be easily used to assess HH components within the ED setting.

The tool will be released for use in all Australian EDs in November at the ACIPC conference, Hand Hygiene workshop. 

HHCApp Reports

For Organisation Administrators new to HHCApp - please let us know if there are reports that you need but you are not sure how to run them. We are happy to guide you over the phone or by email.