E-Bulletin Dec 2018

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National Data Period Three 2018

National data for Audit 3 2018 has now been released - click here to view it

(National data is available on the website after the NHHI Advisory Committee meeting. This occurs approximately 6 weeks from the close of the audit period).

HHA Workshop At The ACIPC Conference

Hand Hygiene - then, Now & Beyond "From data Collection To Safer Patient care

The 2018 HHA workshop was held in Brisbane on the 18th November at the Brisbane Convention Centre. With nearly 200 attendees the afternoon was full of information and opporunites for livley discussion. Lindsay Grayson presented an overview of HHA over the last decade, following the recent publiciation of a paper looking at the effects of the program over the last 8 years and the associated decline of hospital aquired Staphylococcus aureous bacteraemia.

Special thanks to our guest presenters Kirsty Graham, Kim Fuller-Sale, Nicole Sutherland and Helen Buck for their great presentations.

Thanks to all those who attended and participated in discussions on the day. For those who wished to attend and couldn't be there, video links will be available for all presentations under the tab HHA meetings and Conferences.

For those that registered and attended the workshop, you should have received an email from the conference organising committee with a link to a survey. A certificate of attendance at the workshop will be issued on completion of the survey.

HHA endevour to run a workshop prior to the ACIPC conference each year. The next workshop is still to be confirmed, however the ACIPC conference dates are 18 - 20 November, 2019, so we anticipate that the HHA workshop will be 17th Nov 2020.

New Online Learning Modules

A new learing module designed specifically for Renal/Dialysis staff is now available. The module provides examples of when to  perform hand hygiene in the various phases of caring for a patient on dialysis such as cannulation and connection.

2018 Dec Renal Mod

A second learning module designed specifically for Dental staff is also now available. The module provides examples of when to perform hand hygiene in the Dental setting and has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Dental Association, New South Wales.
2018 Dec Dentalolp

HHCApp User Roles Restructure

The changes to user roles is almost complete. HHA will be releasing this update in Mid January 2019 so that Organisational Administrators do not receive queries regarding this over the Christmas break.

Once the changes go live, all Organisation Administrators will need to review their user lists to check that each staff member is correctly assigned.

This will be easy to see all users on the one page.

2018 Dec Users page

Adding New Users  - Once the new user details are saved, a screen will automatically open prompting the Organisation Administrator to 'Assign Roles'. Multiple roles can be added to a profile depending on the users needs. 

2018 Dec Assign Roles

 Roles can be added or removed on the users profile page.

Users can toggle between their role using the drop down list at the top.

2018 Dec role toggle

New National Data page

The National Data page has a new look with interactive graphs. You will see the summary of the data across the top and a breakdown of the data below. You can click on any of the graphs to reveal the data table.

Below is an example of what it looks like. To view the actual data please click here

2018 Dec National data page



HHCApp User Tidy Up

Please ensure that all auditors in HHCApp  are current ( within the last 12 months - have collected 100 moments  and  completed the Annual Auditor Validation module) and, have a valid email address.

Please run a 'User' report to view your auditors.

Download User list:

> Users tab (horizontal menu, top of page)

>Select Organisation and Role


>Download as: XLS, XLSX, CSV


To open the profile page for each user, click on their name in the search results, update any incorrect details (i.e. email address) and 'Save'.