E-Bulletin Dec 2017

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National data for Audit 3 2017 has now been released - click HERE to view it.

(National data is available on the website after the NHHI Advisory Committee meeting. This occurs approximately 6 weeks from the close of the audit period).

HHA Workshop at the ACIPC Conference

Emerging Challenges in Hand Hygiene

The 2017 HHA workshop was held in Canberra on the 19th November and was well attended with over 200 registrations. The workshop featured fantastic presentations from Benedetta Allegranzi from WHO reviewing hand hygiene from a WHO perspective. As well as LMS and HHCApp updates from the HHA team, Lindsay Grayson presented an overview of HHA over the last decade.

Thanks also to Andrew Stewardson who looked at the pros and cons of direct observation versus electronic data collection, and Narelle Dean who provided some insight into the benefits of realtime audit feedback.

Thanks to all those who attended and participated in discussions on the day. For those who wished to attend and couldn't be there, video links are now available for all presentations under the tab HHA meetings and Conferences.

HHA endevour to run a workshop prior to the ACIPC conference each year. The next workshop is still to be confirmed, however the ACIPC conference dates are 19 - 21 November, 2018.

HHCApp Update

Department posters were released last year and have been a very popular addition to the available reports in HHCApp.

Poster reports are now available at a range of levels depending on the access of the user. Organisation Administrators will now be able to get an organisation poster as well as the previous department posters. Region Administrators can get a poster for their region as well as for their organisations and departments.

Click on Poster Report under Standard Reports.

To get an organisation poster and all of the department posters - leave the Department filter at 'All' and select 'Departments' in the 'Include' filter. If you only want an organisation poster, then leave the 'Include' filter at 'None'.

Poster filters

 A Primary Contact can now be assigned in HHCApp.

If your organisation has more than one Organisation Administrator, please assign a Primary Contact. This lets us know who we should contact if we need to get in touch with your organisation.

Click on the 'Edit List' button, click on the blue star and click 'Save'.  

Primary contact

Online Learning Module revisions

Hand Hygiene packages have recently undergone a review to update and refresh the content and structure.

Thanks to the working group for their time and contributions: Jennifer Bradford (VICNISS), Iain Crawford (CEC), Sue Grieg (ACSQHC), Louise Mason (DOH,WA), Lorraine Rees (Mid Cenral DHB, NZ), Peta-Anne Zimmerman (Griffith University), Liz Orr (Austin Health), Kate Ryan (HHA) and Sally Havers (HHA).

The updated packages are now available for use.

LMS Update

There are two new features in the Southrock LMS.

Learners can now change their organisation by clicking the 'Change My Organisation' button underneath the calendar.

Change my organisation

Organisation Administrators can now remove learners who are no longer at their organisation or had incorrectly selected it on registration. Click on the Staff tab, check the box next to the learners name, Click the 'Not at my Organisation' button which is located at the bottom of the page on the right.

Not at my Organisation

ED Self assessment framework

Emergency Departments are now listed as an 'eligible' department and should be audited a minimum of once per year (ideally each National Audit Period).

The ED SAF was released for use in all Australian Emergency Departments at the ACIPC 2017 Conference - HHA workshop, on the 19th November. This tool is designed to be a structured 'gap analysis' to assess the current state of hand hygiene infrastructure and promotion activities in your ED. 

Click HERE to access this document.

Gold Standard Auditor Workshops 2018

Please see below for GSA workshops scheduled for 2018. To express your interest in an upcoming workshop click HERE.

  • 6-7th February 2018 - The Canberra Hospital
NSW Private Organisations:
  • 5-6th March 2018 - North Shore Private
  • 21-22nd May 2018 - St Vincent's Private
  • 20-21st August 2018 - Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • 17-18th May 2018 - Darwin Hospital
  • 13-14th March 2018 - Brisbane
  • 7-8th June 2018 - Brisbane
  • 18-19th September 2018 - Brisbane
SA Private Organisations:
  • 18-19th June 2018 - Calvary North Adelaide
  • 30th April - 1st May 2018 - Royal Hobart Hospital
  • Public organisations - 6-7th February 2018 - Benalla Health
  • Private organisations -19-20th February 2018 - Austin Hospital
  • Public organisations - 21-22nd February 2018 - Alfred Hospital
  • Public organisations - 22-23rd May 2018 - Ballarat Base Hospital
  • Private Organisations - 26-27th September 2018 - Hollywood Private Hospital

New HHA website - coming soon

HHA are currently working on a new website with a new more modern layout. This is due for release around April next year.

Skin Care Module

If you haven't already checked out this new Hand Dermatitis Online Learning Module, it's a great resource for staff education and for those managing skin care issues. The module has been created by the Occupational Dermatology Research & Education Centre, Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc., and funded by Safe Work Australia. This module is available on the HHA Learning Management System HERE

Christmas Closure

HHA would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

Our office will be closed from 22nd December to 8th January.