E-Bulletin May 2019

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National Data Period One 2019

National data for Audit 1 2019 has now been released - click here to view it

(National data is available on the website after the NHHI Advisory Committee meeting. This occurs approximately 6 weeks from the close of the audit period).

HHCApp Updates

Region Administrators

Region Administrators : Please review the 'Dependants' page for your region.

Primary Contacts can now be assigned at the Region level. If there is more than one Region Administrator, please assign the person who is the hand  hygiene lead for the region.

Region level Reporters and Data Entry users are now viewable on the Dependants page. Please review this page to confirm that users have been added at the correct level. Please also transition users to a Reporter role if administrative functions are not required. A Reporter Role allows full access to all reports.

2019 May Region Admin dependants

Auditor Tidy up

Auditors who have not submitted any data in 18 months will be automatically detached from their facility. These auditors are considered lapsed and are required to complete the Lapsed Auditor Pathway before collecting further data.

Zero reports

HHCApp reports now have a useful feature which allows Reporters or Administrators to see where the gaps are. Two reports where you might find this useful are the Department Reports and the Auditor and Sessions Report.

By selecting a date range. ie the previous 12 months and selecting the box to include departments or auditor with 'no data', the report will reveal eligible departments that are not meeting the department selection guidelines.

2019 May Department report

2019 May zero departments

 This feature will also identify auditors who are not meeting the validation requirements of collecting 100 moments in the previous year.


HHA and Jursidictional Coordinators are currently following up with all organsiations to ensure their auditors (Gold Standard and General) are validated as per HHA Auditor Validation requirements.

You are reminded that HHA require all auditors listed under your organsiation in HHCApp MUST have collected at least 100 moments AND completed the auditor online learning module in the previous 12 months. Any auditor who does not meet these requirements should be detached from their Auditor role in HHCApp until they have been followed up accordingly. If you have any questions or queries regarding this please get in touch with your Jurisdicitional Coordinator or the HHA Office.