Other Audits

Hand Hygiene Australia do not recommend routine hand hygiene compliance auditing with the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene audit tool as an outcome measure in the non-acute, primary care or mental health setting. However, all facilities should be aware of their jurisdictional requirements when planning measurements of their hand hygiene program.

Other measures may be appropriate in assessing an organisation's hand hygiene program OR may be used in conjuction with hand hygiene compliance auditing when key issues are identified. A number of assessment tools are available below which can be used or modified as desired. These tools are for internal use only. HHA does not require this information.

pdf48.png Hand Rub / Moisturiser Audit
pdf48.png Community Hand Hygiene Audit
pdf48.png Facility Product Audit
doc.png Practical HH Competency Audit
pdf48.png Client Survey
pdf48.png Patient Client Participation Questionnaire
pdf48.png HCW Survey
pdf48.png Alcohol Hand Rub Accessibility Audit
pdf48.png Hand Hygiene Survey
xls.png Environmental Audit
xls.png Practical Technique Audit