Moment 1 - Before Touching a Patient

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Perform hand hygiene on entering the patient's zone before touching the patient


To protect the patient against acquiring harmful germs from the hands of the HCW

In detail:
Touching a patient in any way Shaking hands, Assisting a patient to move, Allied health interventions, Touching any medical device connected to the patient 
(eg. IV pump, IDC)
Any personal care activities Bathing, Dressing, Brushing hair, Putting on personal aids such as glasses
Any non-invasive observations Taking a pulse, Blood pressure, Oxygen saturation, Temperature, Chest auscultation, Abdominal palpation, Applying ECG electrodes, CTG
Any non-invasive treatment Applying an oxygen mask or nasal cannula, Fitting slings/braces, Application of incontinence aids (including condom drainage)
Preparation and administration of oral medications 

Oral medications, Nebulised medications

Oral care and feeding Feeding a patient, Brushing teeth or dentures