Program Implementation

FAQs - Program Implementation

All promotional materials released by HHA are available on our website HERE.

All posters are able to be downloaded and printed locally from the HHA website. HHA do not have any hard copies to post on request.

The first thing to do is to decide if your organisation is required to conduct hand hygiene compliance observational auditing. This decision will be based on the requirements set out by your accreditation standards, your jurisdictional requirements and / or your governing body.

If you do not need to conduct observational auditing, then please review the HHA Manual and decide which components of the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene culture change program are appropriate for your facility (e.g. education, product placement, online learning, promotion etc.). 

If you do need to conduct observational auditing, then please book the person who will be in charge of your hand hygiene program into a Gold Standard Auditor Workshop. Whilst they wait to attend this workshop, please review the HHA Manual to plan implementation.